Nacer Sordo releases its English version

Nacer Sordo releases its English version

Just four months after the beginning of Nacer Sordo, we are proud to tell you all that today we are launching the English version of this portal, thus enabling access from any country to all the information that is constantly updated on our website. Currently we have followers who visit us from countries such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Singapore and even Australia, which is a source of satisfaction for Nacer Sordo, because it shows that our content adds added value to the whole deaf community beyond our borders. With the incorporation of the English language we seek greater accessibility to the web from all non-Spanish speaking countries.

You have, among others, the following highlights translated into English:

As in the Spanish version, we will publish all the most relevant news, especially those that are developed from the international deaf community, where institutions like World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), a federation composed by a group of associations, of deaf people formed by more than 133 countries. The official headquarters of WFD is located in Helsinki, capital of Finland.

Regarding our social networks we will continue to inform you of all the news, both national and international. We will publish all the relevant posts in both languages, English and Spanish, and we will continue publishing all the events related to the deaf community, including leisure topics, excursions or visits to fully adapted theaters.

Remember that the international sign language, also known as the International Sign System (SSI), is used in events such as deaf olympic events, videoclips and concerts translated by deaf people and has a limited lexicon, never being as rich as the language of Spanish signs. You can find all the information in our FAQ section.

Of course we are still available for all suggestions in the contact email or through the contact page.