“Café con signos” and “Sin Palabras”, two adapted places

“Café con signos” and “Sin Palabras”, two adapted places

From Nacer Sordo we applaud and support all the initiatives that are generated that help to spread the image of a person with hearing disability and to make society part of this situation.

For this reason and through this new article, we want to highlight two locations with the same goal, the spread of deafness, through very different paths:

Café con signos – Ceuta (Spain)

Café con signos is one of the initiatives included in the Capaces Project, which was carried out at the IES “Almina” in the city of Ceuta. The project consisted in that during the last month of December, all those who attended the “Jauja” coffee shop, located in the Plaza de los Reyes, had to use the Spanish sign language to order the required drinks or drinks.

To bring sign language closer, there were small explanatory guides with instructions on how to order a coffee, a soft drink, order milk, a donut … so that any client could start in this way of communication and language.

If you want to expand the information about the “Capaces Project” you have their blog (http://proyectocapaces.blogspot.com.es) where to be aware of all the past and future initiatives

Sin Palabras – Bogotá (Colombia)

Coffee-bar opened since June 2017 for deaf people in Bogotá, Colombia. In this place, deaf and hearing people adapt to deafness and sign language in a compulsory way, since waiters have hearing disabilities.

Sin Palabras Café Sordo is the first place in this country for the deaf people and the sixth in the world, but its difference with the other five is that it has a platform on the floor that transmits the vibrations of music so that the deaf can “hear” through their other senses. Additionally, the venue also has screens that reproduce the music videos in sign language.

We leave you in the following link the page of the local in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sin-Palabras-Café-Sordo/248131352328944) in order that you can collect opinions of customers and encourage you to visit it .

As you can see, including deafness in different areas and business models can be, of course, the most interesting and integrating!