A deaf person in the theater

A deaf person in the theater

Hello everyone! I’m Diego, deaf from birth. On Saturday, March 17th, after around 20 years, I returned to step on a theater, this time with the hope of being able to enjoy the show. Since always the theater, I found it an exciting genre, but at the same time very limited for people who have a hearing disability.

I remember when we were little, the school organized excursions to the theater, I always resorted, because there was no feeling in another place, you still knew that I was going to leave the function as I had entered, without having learned anything.

It is a feeling of helplessness, the fact of witnessing something that you know you like, and there is no power to enjoy it, there is no power to get the most out of it, and you go home with a bad taste in your mouth. Therefore, this time and thanks to the diffusion of Nacer Sordo at last, this sensation changed. Thanks to the initiative of this page and accessible theater, I could enjoy the work, just as I enjoy movies and series.

I left the theater with the feeling that one more barrier has been broken, with the joy of knowing that the little ones who come now, do not have to go through the same feeling of helplessness that we had to pass to us. It also mentions the work, “Timeline of the beasts”, published on the events page of Nacer Sordo, which I really liked, and served to sweeten that feeling more.

It is a totally recommendable experience, and I encourage you to try it. Thank you Nacer Sordo for spreading it, you have made me to recover the illusion of going to the theater! I am really happy to have this option again in my free time!