Nacer Sordo in 2018…

Nacer Sordo in 2018…

Closing 2018, we want to share with you all the results of this year that undoubtedly encourage us to continue on the front line supporting all the advances and improvements we can achieve for all people with hearing disabilities.

As a result of this awareness, we were able to certify the escape rooms of Fox in a Box Madrid as adapted for the deaf community, in this way we can enjoy them without fear of the presence of sound elements that prevent us from interacting. With this certification we open a new path so that companies and professionals can count on Nacer Sordo and adapt all their services and products. To make it even more known, we created our Instagram profile, which has been very well received by all of you, thank you very much for your support!

Not only Nacer Sordo is visited from Spain, since half of those who visit us come from abroad, thus inaugurating the English version of the website to spread our action to the great majority of english countries. We did not want to stay here, we wanted to give you a space of your own opinion where you could put your suggestions or ideas, some of them have turned out to be amazing. You can see them and continue commenting on our Facebook forum: Community – Nacer Sordo

Of course, we continue to give you a voice in our section of real stories, where every day we are more related to hearing impairment. This section has been complemented throughout this year with Interviews with book authors and event organizers of a music festival adapted for the deaf people, El Faro Festival, which we helped with the organization in October and it was a real success. We will try to repeat it!!

Given our activity and passion, they have given us a space in the program In the “En Lengua de Signos” program, of La 2 channel (you can see us here), and even through the radio, in the Cadena Ser, in the program “El Faro” together with Mara Torres .

But nothing would have been possible without your contributions, without your support and without your collaboration. We count on you in 2019!

Thank you,

Nacer Sordo